My name is Ashley Bostwick, I’m 27 years old, & I just recently got married in September 2015 to my long-time boyfriend and best friend James...

Wander + Blush Blog

 I am absolutely obsessed with all things beauty, dainty gemstone jewelry, classic fashion pieces, reality TV, traveling & all things DIY. I’m also a foodie and a self-proclaimed professional wine taster.

I am an open-minded person and I love to give and receive advice on anything from what is the best tool to achieve the "perfect brow" to how to get a free flight to Europe. With Wander + Blush, my goal is to create interesting and fun content for my readers so they can use it in their daily lives!

So, as you can see, I am jewelry designing beauty junkie, who loves to travel and watch Netflix while enjoying a nice cheese plate and glass of white California wine. In summary, you have found your new BFF. 

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